Student Showcase

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$10 per ticket

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*Performers will receive their complementary tickets during Parent week (April 16-20).*
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  1. Mon, June 4
    Dress Rehearsal* - Twinkles Dress Rehearsal* - Acro / Tumble *Costumes only - no makeup
    4:00 - 5:00pm 5:30 - 8:00pm
    RDC Studio
  2. Tues, June 5
    Dress Rehearsal* - Yth, Jr, Teen *Costumes only - no makeup
    4:00pm - 8:00pm
    RDC Studio
  3. WEd, Jun 6
    LAST DAY OF SCHOOL No Rehearsals Scheduled
  4. Thurs, June 7
    RDC Studio
  5. Fri, June 8
    MANDATORY - Tech rehearsal - No Twinkles MANDATORY - Dress Rehearsal - Full Cast
    Pinedale Auditorium
  6. Sat, June 9
    5pm - 9pm
    Pinedale Auditorium
Costume Sizing Days
Mon, Jan 29: 7-8pm
Wed, Jan 31: 4:45-5:30, 6:30-8pm
Fri, Feb 2: 6-7pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I have to do the Student Showcase?  No, Student Showcase is not mandatory. Participation in the showcase is at the discretion of each family.

2.  Do I have to sign up for the Student Showcase?  Yes!  No student is required to perform so you have to sign up by turning in the Showcase Confirmation Form (located at the end of the Student Showcase Handbook).

3.  How do I sign up for the Student Showcase?  Sign up for the showcase by filing out the Performance Confirmation Form. The Performance Confirmation Form is due back to RDC by Friday, February 9th.

4.  Can I sign up for the Student Showcase over the Phone?   No.  We need you to verify your child’s classes by signing their Showcase Confirmation Form so we know which class choreography to include your child in. 

5.  What is the deadline to sign up for the Student Showcase?  The Showcase Confirmation Form is due back to RDC by February 9th.  After February 9th, there is NO GUARANTEE YOU CAN BE IN THE SHOW.

6.  Do I have to do the Student Showcase with every class I take?  No, you can choose to participate in the showcase with any or all of the classes you take at RDC. Your parent will just draw a line through the class you DO NOT want to do for recital on your Showcase Confirmation Form.

7.  What If I Change Classes After I Have Signed Up For the Student Showcase?  If you change classes after you signed up for showcase but before February 9th, you can participate with your new class BUT your parent must come to the Front Desk at RDC Studio to change and initial your Showcase Confirmation Form to reflect the new class.

8.  Do you charge a performance fee for the Student Showcase?  The Dress Rehearsal and Student Showcase are a valuable learning experience for every dancer. They are considered part of the class curriculum and included as part of your monthly tuition. There is no additional fee to participate in the Student Showcase.  

9.  What if I choose not to do the Student Showcase – do I have to quit the class now? No. If you choose not to participate in the showcase, you will still learn the routine but you will be placed on the side of the formations and you will not perform it on stage with your class.  Your classes will end Friday, May 25th. 

10.  When is the Costume Order due?  Costume orders are due by Friday, February 9th. Order your items online by going to and entering the Class List ID found on your costume worksheet.

11.  Can I get a refund or credit if I decide not to do the Student Showcase and I’ve already signed up?  Due to the costs associated with planning and putting on a Student Showcase, if you sign up, showcase tuition will be charged  whether your child performs in the showcase or not.  

12.  Why can’t I video the show or take photos during the show?  For the safety of our dancers, we do not allow any flash photography at any of our shows.  We also want to make sure that each person in the audience has a good view of the stage and their dancers.  Tripods and anxious parents standing in the auditorium to take video/photos of their children disrupts the show and ruins the viewing experience for others around them. DVD's may be made available for purchase at the showcase.