Raising the Barre
Informational Meeting: Friday, August 25th 6-7pm

Mission Statement:
Raising the Barre is a youth service organization that uses the joy of dance to enhance
their community while providing members with the skills and opportunities to make them
compassionate, responsible, confident, and strong leaders.

Who:​ Dancers ages 11-18 years of age – 6th Grade and up
Why:​ Provide candidates with the skills and opportunities to make them compassionate,
responsible, confident, and strong leaders.
What:​ Raising the Barre students shall complete service and session hours as assigned by a Faculty Mentor who will help them schedule their commitments and guide them through their projects.​

Required Pillars of Character and Service

● Dance Class Volunteer Teaching Assistant – 1 Class per week from September through June totaling approximately 40 Hours per year
● Classes that are the dancers’ age group and level and below
● Must Attend Mandatory Class Assistant Training

● Performance and Studio Volunteer – 2 Performances/Events per year
● Backstage, Ushering, etc at any Performance/Event such as Spring Showcases, Nutcracker, Holiday Parties, Auditions.

● Community Service – 2 Community Service Events per year to be arranged by the RTB Faculty. 16 hours per year
● Examples: Retirement Home Visits, Offering Free Dance Workshops to Underprivileged Youth and Children with Special Needs, Costume and Dancewear Drives, Flash Dance Mobs coupled with Goods Drive, Military Group Performances, etc.

● 1 each semester Fall/Spring
● Etiquette Classes – Fee Based Course
● Public Speaking – Fee Based Course

Additional Commitments:
● Attend Quarterly Meetings – September, January, April.  At these quarterly meetings dancers who have met their goals for that quarter/year will be recognized. Also, Confidence sessions will be held in conjunction with the quarterly meetings.
● Annual “Raising the Barre” Fundraising/Promotion Event – Spring 2018 – TBA.  All fees for event will be covered by RTB participant family.
● Multimedia Promotion Project – Every 2 years the participants will be asked to show what they have learned with a presentation at the Annual Promotion event. This will allow the student to promote to the next level of service. These projects will occur toward the end of the 7th, 9th and 11th grades.

Eligibility Requirements:
● GPA – 3.0 or above
● Regular Dance Class Attendance
● Positive attitude in class including compliance with dress code

Parent Volunteers/Involvement:
● Business Sponsorships
● Volunteering at Community Service Events

● Fall Quarterly Meeting – September
● Winter Quarterly Meeting – January
● Spring Quarterly Meeting – April
● Annual Raising the Barre Fundraising Event – May


Parent/Volunteer Application