Photo / Video Gallery

How do I access performance photos and videos?
   We’ll email each class a secure link as we upload videos and photos to each dance’s online gallery.   

Will I need a passcode to access photos and videos?
When are photos and videos of the performance available?
We aim to have your high-resolution action photos and videos of the performance online within 72 HOURS of the performance. 
Will the video be high quality?
Yes. Videos are available in full HD.
Can I order a DVD of the entire performance?
No. We are not able to provide good quality DVDs in a timely manner.
Can I video the performance myself?
No. For the safety of our dancers, and due to the distraction it causes the audience, absolutely no video will be allowed in the theater during the actual performance. Violators will be removed from the audience.
Can I take my own pictures of the performance?
Yes. However, since we are providing them for free and since our shots are of a much higher quality, we hope you leave the camera in your bag and enjoy the performance.
If you do decide to take a picture, please do not hold a smartphone or tablet over your head and do disable your flash. Be courteous to your theater neighbors. 
Can I purchase prints of action shots?
Yes. You can download action shots for FREE and print them yourself or you may order prints online. Prints ordered online start at $1.99.
Will photos contain a watermark?
Yes, but we’ve made it less intrusive so you can share without worrying about our logo covering dancer’s faces! Watermarks do not appear on downloads; however, a small RDC logo appears in the bottom right-hand corner of prints.