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Frances Irene Cuprill
2015 Cheerleading Worlds Competitor
3x National Champion Cheerleader
Multiple top 3 Wins as Coach/Choreographer
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The International Cheer Union Receives Provisional Recognition by International Olympic Committee

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All Star Cheer Classes

An introductory class geared toward preparing the athlete for future team placement.

A great option for those wanting a first taste of All Star Cheerleading.

Cheer Class:              Tuesday 4-5:30pm
Tumbling Basics:     ​Wednesday 4-5pm
Tumbling Level 1:     Wednesday 5-6pm

 What to Expect from your All Star Cheer Classes 
Dynamic Stretching- A type of sports fitness routine in which momentum and active muscular effort are used to strengthen and the end position is not held. 
Static Stretching- Stretching a muscle (or group of muscles) to its farthest point and then maintaining or holding that position. 
Passive Partner Stretching- One relaxed partner will be stretched to their farthest point by an instructor or a partner in the class. 
Motion drills-  break down each movement into smaller pieces to help ensure proper technique and muscle memory allowing students  to execute and retain choreography faster.
Jumps - Body positioning and proper technique to execute various jumps and sequences
Floor Stunting- Athletes must show ability to pull and hold body positions on the floor to progress. 
Partner Stunting- Athletes must show ability to pull and hold body positions on an instructor to progress. 
Group Stunting-Athletes will progress through the levels on a multi-base group. 
Stretch/Warm-Up- Body positioning and beginner skills to prepare muscles and get the “blood flowing”. 
Drills- Exercises used to teach muscle memory. Breaking down each trick into smaller pieces helps ensure proper technique, build confidence and lends to quicker progression. 
Progression- Each athlete must fully master a level before moving to the next level. 
Spotting Skills- We feel that spotting promotes mental and emotional dependance whild creating a false sense of accomplishment in both parent and athlete. Therefore we use our equipment, drills, and progression to teach without the use of spotters whenever possible.
Attendance-Extremely important and results are cumulative,  unfinished skills DO erode and setbacks can occur.
**PLEASE NOTE - The amount of time spent on tumbling in each class may not be a sufficient for your athlete to develop the required skills for Level 1 Team Placement. It is HIGHLY recommended that athletes also enroll in an additional level appropriate Tumbling Class to supplement their Cheer Class.

Skills Required for 2017-2018
Level 1 Team Placement

  1. 1
    Standing Tumbling
    Forward/backward rolls, front/back walkovers,
  2. 2
    Running Tumbling
    Cartwheels, Roundoffs
  3. 3
    Two Leg: elevator One Leg: Below shoulder level
  4. 4
    Toe Touch Double Toe

Increase your chances for team placement.
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