The mission at Rendezvous Dance & Cheer, LLC is to provide dancers and cheerleaders of all ages with high quality instruction in an environment that is educational, positive, and meaningful and where focus is placed on the spirit of teamwork and commitment to classmates. We believe that every student is special, and it is our goal to encourage and support our students - artistically and academically - to realize their potential and develop into well rounded and healthy individuals. 
Why Choose RDC?
1. Highly Qualified and Trained Owner
2. A professional dance instructor at all levels
In 2015, Frances Cuprill founded Rendezvous Dance & Cheer, LLC (RDC) after studying dance and cheer for over 20 years. As a graduate of Florida International University's School of Dance and a veteran of the highly regarded Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, CA, Frances is committed to providing all students high-quality dance education.
At RDC, proper dance technique is taught from the very beginning. Dancers of all ages and ability will benefit from specialized training in all genres by an experienced and educated instructor.  A full-time instructor with a degree from a high-caliber dance school and 30 years of professional performance work ensures your students receive top-notch training in a variety of styles of dance.
3. Goal Setting
4. Curriculum and Class Sizes
The aim at RDC is to position dancers for a future in the performing arts, even if that's so far on the horizon nobody sees it, yet. Of course, this is not the path for all children, but I believe all dancers benefit from an environment of high expectations and structure that comes from a goal oriented program. Annual evaluations empower dancers and their parents to make decisions about proper program placement.
RDC uses finely tuned curriculums for all ages, levels, and techniques. With curriculums focusing on the perfect blend of skills and technique to challenge dancers, small class sizes create a focus on personal development. Our youngest dancers have a fabulous time in class with their teacher. At the same time they are learning an incredible amount of terminology and technique without even realizing it.
5. Strong Management Skills
***Value Added Dance Experience**
Professionally managed dance studios are rare. That's why I'm proud of the many innovations RDC has adopted to make your family's dance experience positive. From well-maintained facilities to a simple, streamlined registration process and a world-class costume and dancewear ordering system. RDC is on the cutting edge of dance management technology.
Given the many benefits to pursuing a dance education at RDC, there is a cost. Dance falls somewhere between soccer and ice-skating in terms of overall expense for an activity. For a dancer interested in taking a single class at RDC, parents can expect to pay about $50 per month for a weekly class, another $100 or so for a year's worth of dancewear and shoes, about $75 for a recital costume. Items such as photos and participation in the recital are optional and left to the family's discretion. This cost does not vary significantly from the cost of other dance schools in rural areas.​